What is DiNSO?

DiNSO allows you to share and keep track of places that you and your friends are passionate about!

How does DiNSO work?

DiNSO works best when you are part of a network. So click the friend’s icon in the upper left hand corner of News Feed and start searching for friends to follow! If your friends haven’t joined yet, simply click "Invite Friends to DiNSO" to start discovering their favorite places.

Once you are part of a network, you will start to see your News Feed and List View animate with places shared by friends you are now following.

To get involved in the action and share a place yourself, simply click the pen & pin icon in the upper right hand corner of News Feed. There, you can select from nearby places or start typing the place you would like to share. Once you have selected the place, write a brief caption and click share!

The place will be published to News Feed and all those following you will see the place you have just found! If your post is engaging enough, you may get some followers to like and comment on your place - so be creative!

Looking for a great place? No problem! All places added by you and those you follow will automatically be saved in your List View. You can then easily filter by location, category (dining, nightlife, shopping, and other) or bookmarked to locate the perfect place.

How cool is it to, now, have an exciting and dynamic way to share and discover the best places?! Can you say VERY? So have some fun and start sharing and discovering new places!

Why is there a hat above the "o" in DiNSO?

Good question...